Press Release: First Project – Mamamor Dolls

Mamamor makes birthing and breastfeeding dolls that can be used as educational tools to demonstrate natural birth, breastfeeding, and mother and child bonding.  The company is raising funds on Springboard to increase their production capacity and wholesale their product by supporting the Fair Trade movement. Their goai is to have their product made in Central America while complying with high ethical standards.

Mamamor Dolls was created to help introduce children to the birth giving process in an age appropriate manner. Targeted at children ages three and up, the dolls are available with different coloured eyes, hair and skin.  Each carefully handcrafted doll comes with a baby and umbilical cord.

The company currently sells their product online, but a higher demand has paved the way for increased production requirements and wholesaling.  Creator Adrianna Guerra, a certified Birth Doula, has found a way to have the dolls made in Nicaragua. The method she has found enables her to have the dolls created in an ethical and cost effective manner that is supported by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. By doing so she also hopes to support the growing Fair Trade movement.

Mamamor dolls are an excellent fit for Springboard’s fund raising platform, said Sean W. Bowles, Co-founder and Director of Operations at Springboard.

“One of Springboard’s initiatives is to help existing businesses expand their current operation,” explains Bowles.  “Mamamor’s plan to raise funds with the intention of increasing their production capcity, and link with the growing Fair Trade movement fits well into Springboard’s platform of raising funds for both business and goodwill causes.”

Guerra will use the funds to travel to Nicaragua to personally train a cooperative group of women sewers called Zona Franca Masill.  This group is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, which supports the United Nations Declaration of human rights, labour standards, and anti-corruption.  Manufacturing Mamamor dolls through Zona Franca Masill will also ensure that 100% organic cotton is used in the product.

Mamamor’s rewards in exchange for sponsorship include various Mamamor product and accessories, and vary based on the overall sponsorship amount.  Their project started with a $2950 funding goal with a 15 day time limit.  To date they have raised 37% of their goal with 10 days still remaining.