The Times They Are A-Changin’

In the immortal words of Mr. Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’… Ok, maybe the times aren’t really a-changin, but we sure are at Springboard.  Late last year/early this year when we launched the site, we did so with our own Crowdfunding project, the aptly titled “Springboard Us!” (which I am happy to say was a success).  From the beginning, we promised that all money raised from the project would go towards general upkeep and maintenance of the site, as well as towards improvements and new tools.  Well over the weekend we rolled out the first of many changes, by introducing a new home page and a new menu to navigate Springboard.

The new home page: We have added new content to the home page and broken it down into 5 sections.  The first section of the home page is the new banner which, among providing an easy way to get started with Springboard, helps to solidify our new branding direction, which we will be rolling out across all platforms over the next little while.

The additional sections, such as the project carousel and success stories, can be viewed on Springboard.

The new menu: We recognized that navigating Springboard could sometimes be tricky for new users, so in an effort to make things simpler, we have introduced a new menu which always gives users access to the entire site.  To make things even easier, we have programmed the navigation bar to stick to the top of your browser, so you never need scroll up to access the menu again.

Other changes we have made to the menu include simplifying the notifications and providing access to each part of your profile from the menu.  You’ll find this new menu is also much more mobile friendly than the last.

Stay tuned for new developments as we release them over the coming weeks and months.

Peace, Love & Springboard



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