Thought: Project Owners – If Content is King, Distribution is Queen

Now that we have a successfully funded project under our belts, as well as a few others currently posted and seeking funds, a phrase came to mind that applies to the digital world, but equally well to our crowdfunding concept – Content is king, distribution is queen.

Content is king because you’re selling your project idea to potential sponsors, and the information you provide to others in your project bio can be the difference maker between receiving all, or receiving none of your desired funding.  For starters, you must have a great idea in order for your audience to even find your project somewhat compelling.  People are not going to support the “same old, same old”, well, because it’s the same old, same old!  Your content needs to be unique, creative and most importantly, it must demonstrate the passion you have for your project.

The key is to position the content on your bio page to intrigue your audience.  How to do this?  Show your passion, because people buy into passion.  It shows your desire for the success of your project.  In doing so people are not only going to buy into your idea, but more importantly buy into you, the project owner.  If they know that you have a great idea, and believe you’re the right person to execute it, then you’re that much closer to earning their support.

Distribution is queen because people need to hear about this fantastic content that you’ve developed.  Distribution, in this case meaning the effective promotion of your project, is the horsepower behind your idea.  Imagine your Springboard project to be a high-powered sports car.  But what good is it if you don’t have any gas in the tank?  Without spreading the word and getting your market to buy into your idea, you will never build the traction that your project requires in order to become fully funded.  And it’s the responsibility of you as the project owner to put your foot on the gas pedal, and distribute your message full throttle!

Clearly, in today’s digital world spreading the word on a message has never been easier.  Just be sure to integrate the different tools you have and enable people to float seamlessly between your Springboard page, website, social media and your blog so that they learn as much about you and your project as possible.

Keeping this King a Queen philosophy in mind when working on your project bio will help separate yourself from every other Jack looking to raise funds for an idea. 😛

Peace, Love & Springboard


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