Press Release: Crowdfunding – Making it Happen for 2012

Angry Ninja PressVANCOUVER, BC – Canadian-based Springboard has spent the past year building and developing their crowdfunding website. Located at, the company has recently opened their site to the public and is now accepting project submissions. Springboard’s mandate is to help project starters raise funds for their top-quality business, passion and goodwill projects.

To start 2012, the company has posted their own business as the first crowdfunding project on their website.  Although its ironic that they’re using their own platform to raise funds, the team saw this as a great opportunity to earn a few more dollars to help them perfect their site.  More importantly, it enables them test out their platform and experience the challenges that come with crowdfunding a project.  “It’s extremely rewarding to post a project knowing that your friends, family and even strangers believe in what you do and support your project. But it comes with a lot of hard work and determination on your end as a project owner to make it happen” says Co-founder and Director of IT, Katherine Quan.

The company’s own crowdfunding project is currently sitting at 65% funded with just five days left to go.   “Support from others, and the development of a community of entrepreneurs and businesses is what’s going to help make Springboard successful in 2012″ adds Co-founder and Director Operations, Sean W. Bowles.  The company is currently accepting and reviewing project submissions.  We’re happy to meet with any potential project owner to help make their submission as strong and viable as possible” states James de Chavez, Co-founder and Director of Marketing and Sales.  The Springboard team has set it immediate goal of having it’s first official project fully funded this spring.

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To learn more about how to raise money for a project idea on Springboard, log  Springboard is a crowdfunding platform that lets people raise money for business, passion, or goodwill so that they can execute a project idea. 


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