Press Release: Springboard Pledges Forward with Full Rollout

VANCOUVER, BC – Following their soft-launch just two weeks earlier, Canadian crowdfunding site Springboard announced today that they are pledging forward with a full rollout.  Located at, users can now log on and start, or sponsor a fund raising project for small business, a personal passion or goodwill.  Springboard enables people with a great idea to collect small amounts of money through a large group of people through their peer-based, online funding platform.

While currently focused on the Canadian market, the website is capable of accepting local and international projects and sponsorships.  In order to start a project, users need to register for an account and complete the project submission form.  The company will review and approve projects based on the overall creativity of the idea, promotional plan, execution strategy and strength of the team.  “A project will have a higher likelihood of succeeding if it already has a solid execution plan in place” explains Sean Bowles, co-founder and director of operations.  “By reaching their target fund raising goal, both the project owner and sponsors will have the confidence knowing that the minimum amount of funds have already been secured in order to succesfully execute their plan.”

People who are interested in supporting projects can register for an account and provide sponsorship funds through PayPal, the company’s payment processor that’s integrated directly into the website.  Springboard is based on an all-or-nothing funding system, meaning sponsors are only charged for their sponsorship amount if the project raises 100% of it’s funding within their stated timeline, and are not charged anything if the project fails to reach its full funding goal. The site is currently live with the company posting their own project first, to demonstrate the functionality of the website.

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To learn more about how to raise money for a project idea on Springboard, log onto or contact  Springboard is a crowdfunding platform that lets people raise money for business, passion, or goodwill so that they can execute a project idea.


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