Launch Day: November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011 was a special day for Team Springboard, because after 11 months of strategizing, we decided that this was the day that we launch the beta version of  We also received news that we were able to present Springboard at The Buzz Event, at the Shangri-La’s Xi-Shi Lounge.  So we got our pitch, ordered the swag, and put on our game faces!

This was our fourth straight Buzz Event.  And at each one, the good people at Buzz always get top quality speakers like George Moen: founder of Blenz Coffee, Melody Fury: Local Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Mark Brand: owner of Boneta and Save-on-Meats (among other successful businesses).  So big shout out to the Buzz Event team for featuring us on the Startup Spotlight.

With all of the love that we’ve poured into Springboard over the past few months, the journey to get here was well….  (pardon me, but) a long-ass haul; a rewarding one at that, and with a few key milestones.  Overcoming each gave us the chance to take a satisfaction-filled sigh of relief before tackling the next challenge (yes, breathe… in through nose, out through mouth).

Finding the brand image was one of the first milestones we accomplished.  Blending just right mix of green, blue and grey inspired the look, feel and messaging of the site.  It transpired to create the personality of our business.  One thing led to the next, and before we knew it we inadvertently created our mascot and customer service persona, the Angry Ninja.

Finding the right developers to team up with was another.  They needed to be talented, cost effective (yes cheap, we’re broke!), and most important of all we had to like them! Of course as usual, something had to give and while the site functionality and the budget were on point, the timeline was pushed back from summer, to early fall, to just weeks before Christmas.

By the time we got to the point of testing and getting the necessary legal advice, we could finally see the “light at the end.”  While surely everything was not 100% because they never are, we nonetheless decided that we had to launch.  November 24, 2011 was about a good a day we could’ve asked for.  And standing up in front of everyone at the Buzz Event’s Startup Spotlight was perhaps that shining moment that we were waiting for in this 11-month tunnel.

Now that it’s done we get to take a breath or two.  It’s been just over a week since the Startup Spotlight and guess what? Now the real work begins – we need to execute!

Enter another tunnel… (in through nose, out through mouth).  We can’t wait to get started!


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