Next to honesty, simplicity is the best policy…

So we’ve launched, well as least “soft launched” and soon, with the roll out of the full site functionality, users will be able to begin funding their projects using Springboard.  So I thought now would be the perfect time to impart some lessons learned about creating your video pitches for your Springboard projects.

From the moment we decided to launch Springboard, we knew we wanted to Crowd-fund some of the site development costs.  Of course this meant, among other things, we needed to spend some time creating a video for our project.  After weeks of going back and forth with concepts and ideas, 4 or 5 script revisions and delays due to the prototypical crummy fall weather in Vancouver, we were able to film our crowd-funding video. So what did we learn from the process?

Firstly, not being professionals videographers in any sense of the term is far from a disadvantage.  Armed with only a Sony NEX-3 with a Compact Stereo Mic attachment and some creative ideas, we were able to film what we feel is a high-quality video that clearly communicates the point of both Springboard and our crowd-funding project simultaneously.

Also, we found, by having a clear understanding of who our audience is (ahem, you guys), the concept of the video really took on a life of its own (thus the script became more of an outline).  Prior to filming we had plenty of ideas of how to “get the point across,” but when we got out there, we realized keeping it simple was the best policy (I guess Apple is on to something with that one…).

Look at that, a great segue that leads me into my third point, leave out all the gimmicks (minus the necessary ones of course). If the gimmick doesn’t in some way enhance your message, then it isn’t necessary.

Another great lesson is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the end result is better if it isn’t. No one is perfect and perfection really doesn’t make for a solid connection, because perfection is a performance, not honesty.  We spent a lot of time doing retakes trying to get things “right,” but what I found when I began editing the video was that the best, most natural, most honest takes were the ones where we screwed something up.  It is that honesty that you (and we) need to portray in order to connect with our potential sponsors.

Finally, and this ties into another post from earlier this year, if you can do it for free, do it for free.  I once told you guys to “always think like a start-up” and what is exactly how we approached creating our video.  Yes this sometimes means you may have to sacrifice on the “add-ons” or the “nice to haves”, but if you keep it simple, you’ll never have to sacrifice on the quality.

Peace. Love. And Springboard.



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