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The hardest part of a project

At some point in your academic life, someone of a higher authority who had the ability to make your life at home a living hell had forced you to do a dreaded pro-longed version of homework. It was called *drum roll* a project! And while being in 7th grade and having accumulated a rainbow of swearwords to associate with your teacher’s name, what you didn’t realize is that school projects actually do you more good than bad.

Okay that may seem obvious. But the reality is that school projects teach you a very important lesson about life and that is how to follow through a plan an execute.

There is nothing harder in any project than getting the actual shit done. Graduate students have performed prolific studies on team dynamics and project management to address why humans have such difficulty getting things done. This disease, affectionately named the hope creep, does not discriminate. It gets the best of us and all a successful entrepreneur is someone who managed to beat the hope creep in one aspect of their life (I say that because chances are that entrepreneurs have a vast list of things they wish they could tackle, but hope creep ends up eating that list). The only way to be good at executing and following through is to do what everyone does if they want to be good at something – practice.

Practice by engaging in small projects with your community. Practice at school by taking arbitrary research papers to real scientific-method research (okay this may be only for the business students who have to write ‘white papers’ that are purely based on anecdotal research and hold no real statistical value in terms of generalization and conclusion). Practice at home by turning an old piece of furniture to one of your artistic masterpieces. The important thing is that you practice. You’ll become better at making things happen and those around you will notice.

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